The five minutes of video you are about to watch is a simple message at a time we need more compassion for each other. Ernie Johnson is most known as a studio host for the NBA's most popular pregame show on TNT. He is a lifelong sports broadcaster, but the story of his family is heartwarming.  

To catch some of you unfamiliar with Ernie life, here is a brief summary. Johnson and his wife, Cheryl, were blessed with two biological children and to most, that is a fulfilling life. However, the Johnsons decided they wanted to grow the family and wound up adopting a Romanian boy named Michael. Ernie and Cheryl have also adopted 3 other children, one from Paraguay, and two girls from the U.S. The story here that grips your heart is when Ernie and Michael went over to adopt, they were advised to choose another child.  

I will let the speech Ernie Johnson gave to the University of Alabama football team earlier this month tell you the rest of that story. The message that Johnson is able to deliver through his life experience is one that everyone needs to hear right now. We need many more Ernie and Cheryl Johnson's in this world. I like how Ernie is able to motivate you to be the best at what you do, while making sure you are empathetic towards others.  

I will step away now and let Mr. Johnson take it away.This is a video that you will watch a couple of times. Enjoy and "Be A Better Human"

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