A bizarre series of events in Waterville resulted in a father, son, and son's friend being arrested for allegedly attacking cops.

Who Are the Three Suspects?

The three men arrested in this case are all from Norridgewock:

  • Bruce Obert, 69, is charged with refusing to submit to arrest or detention, assault, and failing to stop for an officer.
  • Jeffrey Obert, 41, is charged with assault and obstructing government administration.
  • Steven Kirkwood, 33, is charged with assault and obstructing government administration.

Officials say Bruce Obert is a contractor who's working in the Waterville area. Jeffrey Obert is his son who works for him, as does Kirkwood.

Why Did Police Become Involved With the Trio?

The incident began when a vehicle driven by Jeffrey Obert was pulled over just after 3:00 in the morning after Waterville Police Officer Joshua Madeiros allegedly observed a number of traffic violations. Kirkwood was a passenger in that vehicle. Sergeant Tanya Allen arrived at the scene to assist Madeiros. While Medeiros was talking to the younger Obert, Bruce passed by in a pickup truck. According to the Kennebec Journal, Bruce Obert stopped and started yelling at the police to leave his son and Kirkwood alone because they were late for work.

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How Were the Police Allegedly Assaulted?

Officials say Bruce then jumped the median with his pickup, crossed into the opposite lane, and pulled into a nearby parking lot. Allen activated her blue lights and siren and took off after the pickup, which continued until it finally stopped behind Walmart. Allen pulled up next to the truck and when she got out of her cruiser, police say she was allegedly attacked by Bruce Obert.

While this was going on, Madeiros issued the younger Obert a warning and cleared the traffic stop before going to look for Sergeant Allen. When he saw that she was allegedly being assaulted by the older Obert, he went to help her. At this point, Jeffrey Obert and Kirkwood arrived and allegedly also started assaulting the police. The trio was taken into custody after Madeiros and Allen used pepper spray on them.

Officer Madeiros and Sergeant Allen suffered bumps and bruises and were not in need of medical attention.

All three men were released on cash bond. They are expected to make their first court appearance in January.

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