The AROOSTOOK ‘House of Comfortwill be the first free-standing hospice house in Aroostook County once it is completed in early 2018.

A number of years ago a group of volunteers saw the need for a facility that would support and care for the terminally ill patient, their family, and friends in a homelike environment.

According to Rick Duncan from The Aroostook Hospice Foundation,

“People naturally want to pass away at home. There come medical issues that prevent that and they have to go into some kind of institution to receive that certain type of care. This facility will be a home-like environment that can provide that care.  Families will be able to come and stay and go through the end of life journey in a more home-like setting.”

The Hospice Foundation hopes that once these families have experienced this facility and they have experienced the level of care that their loved one will receive they will want to support the hospice house so it will be there for the next person.

That is why they created a Memorial Garden. 

The money raised from this campaign will go towards paying back the two million dollars in debt from the USDA that was used to build the building.  Duncan says once the debt is paid down they will be able to use that money towards patient care.

Duncan added,


“We will create an endowment fund where people will be able to come to the hospice house even if they don’t have Medicare or Medicaid or the resources to stay there.  The money in the endowment fund will take care of them,”

Bricks can now be purchased to have an individual’s name engraved on them.  Large bricks can be purchased for a donation of $1000, medium bricks for $500 and small bricks for $250.

Duncan also stated,


“It makes a statement to other people that are there that it is an important place and that the life did matter.  It gives us another opportunity to memorialize a life well lived."

To purchase a brick you can contact the AROOSTOOK ‘House of Comfort’ at 769-2402.


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