This kid's got big brass ones. Or maybe he was just fed up. Actually, we figure it probably requires a combination of both to pull off a stunt like this.This student at Duncanville High (on the outskirts of Dallas, Texas, in case you were wondering where such an accent comes from) was clearly sick of sitting quietly at his desk and filling out packets -- useless busywork that makes sure students are prepared to take standardized tests, but doesn't actually teach them very much. So he let his teacher know.

In a very long, and eloquent speech mostly devoid of cursing -- which is pretty impressive considering how angry he clearly is -- the student lets his teacher know that she should care a little bit more about her job and actually try to teach her students, because she's responsible for their education and they're the future of America.

The video has taken off in a big way, and the student is being interviewed by local media. Some people are calling him a hero, others think he's just a rude teenager. What do you think?

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