The Aroostook Mental Health Center has announced the opening of a Medication Assisted Treatment, or MAT, Clinic in Presque Isle.

The clinic supports individuals who are in detox and recovery from opiate drug use. AMHC is partnering with Pines Health Services to administer treatment. Potential clients will have access to the clinic based on their motivation and willingeness to partipate in all aspects of the program.

As Lorraine Chamberlain, Director of Integration and Behavioral Health in Aroostook County explains, “MAT Clinics have become an important part of recovery for many individuals and creating access to those clinics is key to helping them In addition, AMHC works with each person to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that includes group and individual substance use counseling as well as community contacts and resources."

Individuals seeking MAT Clinic treatment can speak with their individual counselors or call the Access Center at 1-800-244-6431 to get scheduled for a screening to determine if they are appropriate for the service. Once clients have been screened by a Substance Abuse Counselor and deemed appropriate for the program, they will be scheduled for induction into the clinic.

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