Here’s some good news for fans who shelled out between big bucks for tickets to this year’s Kiss Kruise: You just picked up a little more entertainment for your five-day adventure in the form of Steven Adler‘s appropriately named new band, Adler.

In fact, the former Guns N’ Roses drummer will lead his new bandmates — who include ex-Mars Electric singer Jacob Bunton, guitarist Lonny Paul and bassist Johnny Martin — through their live debut on the Kruise. “I’m really excited to debut my new band by playing with Kiss,” remarked Adler in a press release. “Kiss has always been one of my favorite bands and they are all great guys. The cruise is sure to be an amazing time!”

“I’m really looking forward to playing live with this band,” added Bunton. “We just finished an incredible record and are looking forward to taking it on the road.”

The trip, which is also scheduled to include performances by Skid Row, A Thousand Horses, and Ledfood Messiah in addition to a pair of Kiss concerts, departs Miami on Oct. 31, setting sail for the Bahamas before returning to port on Nov. 4. This year’s Kiss Kruise comes two weeks after Kiss releases its 20th studio album, ‘Monster.’

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