As college students across the state of Maine continue to hit the books as they push towards summer break, it's time to take a look at some of the more odd and interesting courses available to students. Most colleges and universities in Maine post their course catalog online and then a small description of the course. That's how we found these:

University of Maine Presque Isle    REC 234  OUTDOOR PURSUITS

There is an entire course at UMPI dedicated to teaching leadership in the world of outdoor activities. Rather than being stuck in a classroom hitting the books, you could be outside whitewater canoeing, hiking, backpacking, and rafting. Sounds rough. Where is this course at ANY OTHER SCHOOL IN MAINE?!

Hiking up



Yes, an entire course dedicated to learning how to cartoon or caricature. The course itself promises to teach the principles of developing stories through cartooning and learn the basics of storyboarding. All I can think of though, is sitting in class and making myself laugh with ridiculous comic strips that only speak to me.

Cartoon postman chased by a dog
Anton Brand


University of Maine   FSC 405    TIMBER APPRAISAL

Maine has a tremendous logging industry and I have no doubts there is a necessity for people that understand the value of lumber. But an entire 4 month long class about it? What kind of essays or term papers are turned in for timber appraisal? Asking for a friend...

Money Tree
james steidl


University of Maine   LHC 325   TURFGRASS MANAGEMENT

Here's another one of those insanely specific courses that truly makes you wonder how it gets stretched into a 4 month long course. I'm clearly out of the loop when it comes to the ins-and-outs of turfgrass and I'm truly hoping that someone who takes this course and aces it, doesn't end up peddling Scott's products at your local Home Depot.

Mowing the grass


Husson University    CJ 404   CULTS

Here's a course offered for upper levels of the criminal justice major at Husson. Personally, I wish i could take this class without even being a student there, just because it intrigues me. The course promises to teach students about famous cults and also the warning signs for people who may end up joining or starting cults. Fascinating and yet unavailable for most students in the state.

Vector of Social Business Gathering
Robert Churchill

This is only a hastily put together list. We have no doubts there are additional intriguing and odd courses that exist at different colleges and universities across the state. If you know of any, please feel free to share where they are and what they are titled. We can add to our list!

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