For one reason or another, it seems like more and more people are skipping the flu shot. If that's the case with you, then you should know where germs are hiding.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the CDC, one-third of people between the ages of 65 and 74 decided not to get the flu shot in 2016.

If you are one with a weak immune system, then you're probably aware that this is not a good idea. Especially if you have friends, kids, or grand-kids that don't get the shot.

The CDC also found out that 90-percent of death by flu and more than half of people in the hospital due to the flu happen in people who are over the age of 65.

Therefore, we ought to be aware of some of the nasty hiding places that germs like to hang out in, especially in public places where you and your family may go.

Here are at least 5 places where germs like to inhabit publicly.

  1. Grocery Stores - Of course, this is a big one. When you grab a shopping cart or a hand-held basket, it's good to wipe them off with a sanitation wipe. You have no idea who grabbed the handle before you did. One study out of Arizona found that 70 to 80-percent of shopping carts had E.coli bacteria on them.
  2. Libraries - Think about those books on the shelves and how many people, to include the librarian, who have handled that book. Not to mention the hand rails and furniture in the library.
  3. The Mall - According to the findings of the CDC, the rags that many workers use to clean tables in their food courts are fairly dirty and can spread E. coli bacteria like nobody's business.
  4. Public Restrooms - We're hesitant to comment on this one. You might be thinking that the first place to avoid in a public restroom is the toilet, but that's actually not true. Studies have found that germs in the sink can live much longer than in the toilet.
  5. Restaurants - Busboys tend to use rags that really aren't all that clean when wiping down tables. It might not be a bad idea to bring a sanitation wipe and run it over the table before eating.

After reading this, you're probably ready to go out and buy a full-bodied germ suit when you go out and who could blame you? Many of the things you touch in public never get cleaned properly.

We didn't even mention items in an office setting. Things like computer key boards, telephones, buttons on the elevator and such like.

Remember to wash your hands often and it's probably not a bad idea to carry sanitation wipes and hand cleaners with you too, especially if you're not planning to get a flu shot.

There are some places here in the County where you can get a free or inexpensive flu shot. Talk with your doctor or pharmacist about where to do that.




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