It's basketball season and that's a pretty big deal in the County. There are many different reasons why we listen and watch high school basketball, but here are 5 really good ones.



  • Cindy Ord, Getty Images
    Cindy Ord, Getty Images

    The Pride of the Popcorn

    Let's face it. Every high school basketball gym prides themselves on having the best popcorn in the County. Now we don't want to choose a favorite, but I don't think we can go without mentioning Larry Fletcher's popcorn in the Mars Hill gym. Just saying...

  • Joe Raedle, Getty Images
    Joe Raedle, Getty Images

    Old Coaches Row

    This is the area of the basketball gym where all of the hoary-headed coaches of games gone by sit to watch the game. You might call it 'armchair quarterback's' on steroids.

  • Hulton Archives, Getty Images
    Hulton Archives, Getty Images

    School Rivalry

    There have been rivals since the Garden of Eden, and high school rivals are certainly nothing new either. Some of the County high school rivals are Presque Isle vs Caribou, Mars Hill vs Easton, Houlton vs Hodgdon, and Madawaska vs Ft. Kent, to name a few.

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    Features of the Gym

    Every high school basketball gym has something notable. How many of you know someone whose grandparents worked in the barn, which is now the Easton High School Basketball Gym? Some say that it's hard to win a game at Mars Hill. What do you think?

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    The Road To Bangor

    Just as travelers push on along the sandy roads toward Mecca, County High School Basketball Players long to be on the road to Bangor! Being able to play in the tournament is joy unspeakable.

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