I really hope that if I ever make it being the most tenured member of the WBLM air force, maybe they can mark my achievement with a refurbished Blimp.

Not necessarily a huge Goodyear type dirigible, maybe just a cool little drone-type thing I can fly around the backyard.

When you've dedicated decades of time and talent to one place, it's quite a beautiful thing to be recognized for it.

It's even better when you receive a very special gift to commemorate your years of service.

It gets even better when a piece of the history you lived and worked through, gets restored just for you.

That's what happened recently to Henry Orlando of North Yarmouth. He has worked for the Portland Post Office for 38 years. His milestone was honored with the gift of a restored postal delivery Jeep.

Remember when we were growing up and our Highlights magazines came to our homes in these very cool rigs? The look on Henry's face tells us that he sure does.

You can see the some of the restoration process in the photos from Tucker Cianchette's Facebook post below.

What an incredible thing to do for a fellow that absolutely deserves it.

It says in the post that "Henry is the number 1 most tenured carrier of 241 in Portland."

We reached out to Tucker and he had this to say about Henry and the refurbished cIassic.

"I know he and his wife Dottie (my aunt and uncle) were proud to have basically raised a family of four (plus 5 grandsons) predominantly on his postal job. The Jeep is a 1982 which is coincidentally the same year he started as a letter carrier and the year they were married."

Congratulations to Henry! We look forward to seeing this on the road in Greater Portland someday.

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