BANGOR, Maine (AP) — A University of Maine student has been indicted on charges of voting twice in the November election.

Manikomal M. Kehler voted via absentee ballot in her hometown of Milford and then voted again on Election Day in Orono, Assistant Attorney General Leanne Robbin told the Bangor Daily News.

The day after the election, Kehler reported that she had voted twice but it was too late to pull back her ballot, Robbin said. Kehler couldn’t be reached Thursday and it was unclear if she retained a lawyer.

Kehler is the second University of Maine student to be charged with voter fraud. Alyssa Dau, of Bowdoinham, faces criminal charges for voting with an absentee ballot in the name of a former roommate, officials said.

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Such voter fraud cases are rare.

The last confirmed conviction in a voter fraud case in Maine was in 2012, when an Oakland man pleaded guilty to forgery after he cast absentee ballots for his two adult children in the 2010 election.

One of those children voted in person in Orono, where he was a student and was unaware his father had cast a ballot in his name.

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