Maine has seen a boom of medicinal and recreational marijuana shops all over the state since the state legalized the sale of recreational marijuana. According to a Bangor Daily News Article from 2020, there were 216 vendors at the time, waiting for their license to sell recreational marijuana.

Ever since Maine began giving out licenses, many vacant buildings that have housed everything from a Dunkin' Donuts to an ice cream shop, have been converted to sell either medicinal or recreational marijuana. Most Mainers today aren't very far from a place where they can buy.

If you're going to open a cannabis shop though, you need a clever, catchy and sometimes punny name and Maine is in abundance of those too. There are several obvious things to put in your name, but the ones that stand out are the ones that are original and sometimes even make you chuckle at the creativity the owners used to come up with their name.

We've gathered up 25 of the best names of cannabis shops in Maine and ranked based on creativity and cleverness. They're all good, but they get better as we count down to number one. Which one is your favorite?

25 Cannabis Shops in Maine With the Best Names Ranked

These are the best names of actual cannabis shops in Maine ranked from number 25 to number 1.


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