A 22-year-old Durham, Maine man crashed into the toll booths on the Falmouth Spur early Thursday morning after he lost control of his vehicle.

A section of the toll booth caught on fire and was severely damaged from the impact of the collision. said Shannon Moss, Public Information Officer, Maine Department of Public Safety.

Police believe alcohol and speed factored into the crash. Ethan Chase has been charged with Aggravated Operating Under the Influence (OUI). He was not injured in the crash.

The toll booth attendant, 46-year-old John Schwabe of Westbrook, Maine, was struck by some of the debris and shattered glass. He had lacerations to both his head and his face, said Moss. Schwabe was taken to the Maine Medical Center in Portland, Maine due to his injuries. He was expected to be released from the hospital Thursday, September 23.

The investigation into the crash is continuing as police look at all the available evidence. Moss said there is no additional information to be released at this time.

Assisting police in the response to the crash was the Falmouth Fire Department. On scene Thursday, a Maine Turnpike Authority engineer will assess the damage caused by the collision. Moss said the high speed lanes at the Falmouth Spur toll area were not impacted. 

The gallery below shows photos from the crash. They were sent to media outlets as a press release from the Maine State Police. There are multiple pictures of the damage to the Falmouth Spur toll booth as well as images of the crashed vehicle.

Toll Booth Crash, Falmouth, Maine

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