Normally, we aren't graced by the Farmer's Almanac until the end of August.  According to the KJ, the Farmer's Almanac was available by the beginning of August. As we understand it, it is the earliest that we have gotten the tome in its 205 year history.

When it comes to the almanac, the biggest question is always "what is winter going to be like?"

Well, it looks like winter will get an early start and could be a rough one, too.

The Farmer's Almanac website says we could see our first big storm, a classic Nor'Easter, in the month of October.  Following that, we're likely to see bone-chilling cold and a lot of snow.

The almanac is also calling for two significant storms in early 2023.  The first, which will hit the Central / Western part of the country, will probably happen around the first week of January.  The one we really need to be concerned about will happen about January 16th.

Of that storm, the Farmer's Almanac says:

heavy rain and snow across the eastern two-thirds of the country followed by what might be one of the coldest outbreaks of arctic air we have seen in several years. How cold? Try 40 degrees below zero!

For the rest of winter...What about the rest of the winter of 2022 / 2023?  Most of the country, basically anything from the Rocky Mountains east, can expect it to be freezing cold, icy, and snowy.

So, why did they release the Farmer's Almanac so early?  With the cost of everything higher than it was last year, they are hoping that the life hacks contained within the annual booklet will help people save a few bucks.

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