We've been anticipating this event for a while and we are continuing the countdown to one of the greatest earthly events that will come to Northern Maine in just a couple more years.

We all are awaiting the full solar eclipse to take place two years from today on April 8, 2024 when the midday skies will darken, wonder will fill the people of Maine, and all eyes will turn to the skies.

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Maine's Chance to See A Full Solar Eclipse

What will be spectacular about this event is the positioning of this full solar eclipse will have full effect over locations of northern New England, including inland and Northern Maine. One location already has a name for it: Millinockeclipse.

The Facebook Event Years In the Making

That's right, a Facebook event was created in August of 2017, when another full solar eclipse was taking place, to bring a great merging of people together to Millinocket, Maine to experience this amazing spectacle where you will be able to view the solar eclipse best.


The Pathway For a Day of Darkness

As you can see in this NASA rendering, the red line indicates the location where you will get a straight-on view of the moon blocking the sun, giving the ultimate experience of a solar eclipse where the sun is completely blocked during midday. Either side of the red line will still be able to see the full eclipse, which includes the Northern Maine town of Millinocket, which still has a pretty darn good view planned.

Check out the Facebook event, which will be seven years in the making by April 8, 2024. So far, over 6,000 people are interested in going while a hardy 979 are committed to being there.

Here's to 2 more years to go before the great Millinockeclipse!

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