When the snow continues to fall, and it is continuing to fall, and temperatures are on a fairly consistent ride below zero, you'll have excuses to pretty much do what you don't want to do.

Just like comedy, timing is everything, to include when to lay down an excuse for not doing something due to the freezing temps in Maine.

We've provided a few excuses for you to use at your leisure. Let's just hope the kids and the boss accept them.

  1. My car is dead - won't start
  2. My pipes are frozen. (For those of you in radio, we're not talking about your vocal cords)
  3. My dog went out to pee and got stuck
  4. My little dog went out to pee and he's buried in the snow somewhere
  5. I walked outside and my eyebrows froze and broke off into my eyes and now they're bleeding
  6. My coat is only rated for -1F or -18C
  7. Police are saying we shouldn't be outside for more than 5 minutes, so I don't think I'll risk it
  8. If the postman isn't going out in it, then why should I?
  9. It took me all night to get my bed this warm and I just can't waste the effort
  10. ARE YOU NUTSO?????

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