Welcome to an especially romantic episode of Epic Rock Tales. In this animated recollection, Zakk Wylde shares a tale about an encounter between Ozzy Osbourne and a giant lipsticked man.

This was the first Ozzy Osbourne story Zakk Wylde ever told us. During his inaugural Loudwire visit in 2013, we asked for a memorable Ozzy moment and this is the story that popped up in his head. It’s since become one of our most popular videos, so we decided to give you an animated version!

This Epic Rock Tale takes us back to the No Rest For the Wicked days of Ozzy Osbourne’s solo career. While Ozzy and Zakk were meeting fans, the duo crossed paths with an individual Wylde would never forget. Described as a man whose likeness compares to giant professional wrestler Haystacks Calhoun, this Ozzy fan was a colossus who just happened to be wearing red lipstick.

After praising Ozzy, the man went out on a limb and asked the Prince of Darkness if he could have a kiss. Zakk had a good laugh at the man’s request, but Ozzy turned it around by offering up his guitarist as a sacrifice.

In real life, Zakk probably didn’t kiss the dude, but make sure to stick around and see what happens in this edition of Epic Rock Tales!

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