El Chupacabra, the legendary devil dog that has been elusively scouring the southern states and Mexico for years, sucking the blood of livestock, may have just turned up in Maine.

Wildlife officials say that a “doglike” creature that was found in Kennebunk earlier last week has them stumped, because they say the creature does not appear to be that of a coyote, wolf or even a domestic dog. Yet, Maine Wildlife Biologist Scott Lindsay says he hopes that his team will be able to come to some conclusion as to exactly what the animal is sometime this week.

“This one’s strange,” he said. “Some features on it did appear more doglike, but up close, one feature that’s typical of a wild canine is that the teeth are totally clean, no tartar at all.”

Last week, a couple of teenagers spotted what they believed to be an albino wolf outside one of their windows. However, upon investigating a little further, they all agreed that the beast did not appear to be a wolf, or a coyote for that matter.

“It came up and stared at us,” said one of the teens. “It was limping and its mouth was open. It seemed confused.”

The teens then ran back inside the house to call the police because they feared that animal was rabid. When they returned outside, they discovered that the animal had crawled underneath the porch and died, according to the police report.

Wildlife officials say that after conducting preliminary studies on the animal, they feel confident that the strange beast is not a coyote.

What do you think? Could this finally be proof that the chupacabra actually exists?