We're all friends here, right? We like our rock hard and classic, for the most part. Well, at least classic. After all, we are a 'classic rock' radio station. I know there has to be a band or even a song that was a guilty pleasure for you in the past, that may not sit well with your classic rock friends. I've admitted to my fascination with Rick Springfield and how his music affected my youth. What about you?

Mikkel William Nielsen/Thinkstock

I'll even share another band that I secretly enjoyed. I may lose complete rock and roll credibility here, but I'm going to take a chance. Someone has to say it. Hanson was and is a very talented band. I can say this now because they're all grown up and are men with families, and stuff. Yup, I dug me some 'MMMBop.' For a while anyway.


It takes guts to tackle a Bee Gees song, period.  But Hanson nails it - acappela!!


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