We're continuing our Valentine's Day theme on the Chris O'Brien Show today, with one day left until you're on-air 'love messages.' We've all done some crazy things in the name of love. What have you done in an attempt to win or keep the heart of someone special?


When I was in high school I would drive by the workplace of this girl I was into. Every day through the summer. She knew I was driving by because I honked the horn every time. I would drive by, honk, continue to the next town where I would climb a mountain, write a song for her, drive back, and honk. That would be my ritual. Near the end of the summer I actually picked flowers on the mountain and snuck in her office to leave them on her desk. We'll have been married 17 years this June.

Have you ever had someone's name tattooed on your body in the name of love? Your kids names don't count. Ever dumped someone you were with because you thought you loved someone else, only to realize you had it pretty good? Call the show at 764-ROCK or tell us on Facebook.