After attending a concert at Maine State Pier a few weeks ago with a multi-generational crowd, I noticed an awesome variety of dance moves. Everyone has a different way of enjoying live music, from the classic fist-bumpers, to the knee bobbers, and even the 'One Person Flashmob'. What kind of dancer are you? Add to our list!

Fist Bumper

You know this dance move -- make a fist, and bump it.



Two hands in the air towards the stage as if you're at Sunday worship. Because you kind of are.


Are you okay, dude? Your movements are erratic and off-beat but you seem to be enjoying yourself.

Knee Bobber

David De Lossy

The entire body is stiff but those knees keep bouncing.

One Person Flashmob

Fully choreographed moves to emphasize the most important lyrics of the song... And you're doing it alone.

The Nordic Track

Are you skiing? Are you running? Are you gliding to the beat? Yes.

One Man Band

First it's the air guitar and then it's time for a drum solo, then you're finger picking the bass. Great work, One Man Band!

Show Boat


This kind of dancer demands the floor and the attention of those around him and then manages to pull of some really impressive moves.

Hip Swinger

Pretty self explanatory. Look out if you're standing near one of these dancers because it can very quickly become a booty bumping situation.

Chronic Woo-Wooer

A listener called in and said her 3-year old was a Chronic Woo-Wooer. It's not really a dance move, but you might spot a toddler (or a beer-soaked adult) wooing everything the artist does on stage.


What's the best way to emphasize your favorite lyrics? Point. In. The. Air.

Alcoholic Pointer

If you don't know what to do with your hands so you occupy one with a drink and the other with your pointer finger, you might be an Alcoholic Pointer.

So what kind of dancer are you? We'll keep the list going! Share your dance style and description with us in the comments.