The easy answer to the question is yes, the Grammy Awards are always one big commercial. This year they outdid themselves. I realize that a lot more happens at the awards than we see on television. I just wish what they showed us was worth it. Taylor Swift is supremely talented but beyond reach by now.  Katy Perry was ALL there. Her boyfriend John Mayer wore his Willy Wonka suit and the telecast was one gigantic commercial for a former boy band member. Money.

Here are a couple of thoughts from my perspective—

  • It’s imperative that everyone knows Justin Timberlake’s album comes out soon. Let’s tease it, have him perform and incorporate it into some commercials. The guy is incredible and I did enjoy his performance but hello overkill.
  • Drummers are now not necessary. Just give the lead singer a kick drum and get the crowd to clap, thank you Lumineers and Mumford & Sons.
  • Where was the rock and roll. No, not Jack White or Black Keys. You know, rock and roll.
  • Either the powers that be believe we don’t know any Bob Marley songs or the acts performing the tribute have such an ego that they demanded that their songs get played first and then pay tribute to that Marley guy.
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  • Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood can sing to me anytime.
  • I waited all night for Prince. He was there. He probably said less than twenty words.
  • Frank Ocean’s ‘Forrest Gump?’ Seriously?
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I have to say my favorite part of the show was L.L. Cool J and Chuck D slammin’ it hard at the very end, and I’m not really into rap. I do think there were some fantastic performances but all in all it was a fairly disappointing show that was all hype and little substance. I didn’t even care who won. At least that’s the way it was from my couch.

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