Unfortunately, in the wonderful world of fishing, there are sometimes freaks of nature that come along and spoil the fun – at bare minimum, they make the experience more interesting. And while we’ve all had our fair share of hooks robbed of their bait, this poor fisherman lost an entire fish…to a ravenous bald eagle.

Earlier last week, Norman Dreger posted this impressive video of a hungry bald eagle swooping down from the Canadian heavens and making off with the catch of the day while he was reeling it in. In fact, you can hear his line unspooling as the eagle flies off with his “beautiful Dolly Varden Char.”

Perhaps it is time Dreger finds a new place to fish, as he appears to have this sort of trouble more often than any person should.

Give an eagle a fish, feed him for the day - teach an eagle to fish and feed him for a lifetime. Either way, the teacher may go hungry.