Voters in six local service districts in the Upper Madawaska region of the Saint John Valley will decide through a plebiscite Monday, November 14 whether to merge with four neighbouring villages to form the new rural community of Haut-Madawaska. 

In addition. voters in four municipalities will go to the polls on Monday to fill council vacancies. Byelections are being held in Drummond to fill two councillor positions; Meductic to fill one councillor position; Miramichi to fill the vacant position of mayor and a councillor seat; and in Moncton to fill the councillor vacancy in Ward 4.

Ensemble plus forts. L'avenir du Haut-Madawaska, on y voit (Facebook)

Polls will be open Monday from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. Electors whose names are on the voters’ list should have received a voter information card in the mail that shows the location of their polling station. The card is not required to be permitted to vote, however bringing it speeds up the process at the poll. People who are not on the voters’ list may be added at the polls but must bring identification that shows their name, civic address and signature.

Electors looking for more information may visit the Elections NB website or call their returning office:

  • for Drummond at 1-877-886-8480;
  • for Meductic at 1-877-886-8482;
  • for Miramichi 1-877-830-5605;
  • for Moncton at 1-877-886-8483; and
  • for Haut-Madawaska at 1-877-886-8480.

Electors may also call the main office of Elections New Brunswick at 1-888-858-VOTE (8683) or, for hearing impaired electors, by TTY: 1-888-718-0544.

The local service districts of Saint-François, Clair, Baker-Brook, Saint-Hilaire, Lac-Baker and Madawaska will vote on forming a rural community with the villages of Saint-Hilaire, Baker-Brook, Clair and Saint-Francois-de-Madawaska. The municipal councils of the four villages already voted in favour of the restructuring through unanimous resolutions.