A drug bust in Edmundston has led to the arrest of a man and woman and the seizure of a large quantity of drugs, according to Edmundston police.

Edmunston Police Force

Members of the Edmundston Police Force conducted a search Tuesday in an apartment on Saint François Street .

During the raid police arrested the tenant, 49-year-old Lise Lavoie and 41-year-old Guy Fournier, who was on site when the officers arrived, police said.

The search led police to seize methamphetamine tablets, a large amount of prescription drug tablets, contraband cigarettes, a small amount of marijuana and other items related to the sale and use of drugs.

On Wednesday, Lavoie and Fournier appeared in provincial court in Edmundston. Lavoie was accused of drug possession for the purpose of trafficking and was released by the court under certain conditions. She will reappear in court February 24, 2016 for trial.

Guy Fournier for his part, was accused of drug possession for purpose of trafficking and breach of undertaking. It was also released by the judge under certain conditions and will reappear in court February 19, 2016.