A tractor-trailer that lost a wheel on a New Hampshire highway last week, causing a fatal crash, was in violation of safety codes and should have been taken out of service. That’s according to an inspection report filed by the Maine State Police Commercial Vehicles unit.


Police say 51-year-old Alan Condon of Oakfield, Maine was hauling a modular home for Crawford Homes in Houlton last Wednesday when a wheel assembly flew off the trailer on I-93 near Manchester.  The wheel hit a police cruiser then bounced into an SUV, killing the driver,  40-year-old Kelly Anderson-Baker of Concord, New Hampshire.

According to the Concord Monitor, the State Police inspection report indicated the truck's brakes were "inadequate" for safe stopping and the trailer's remaining wheels had improper emergency braking.

The tractor trailer has been returned to New Hampshire, where it will undergo a thorough inspection over the next several weeks.