Here is the report for the week of June 7 - 14 from Troop F of the Maine State Police, based in Houlton:

Maine State Police

June 7 – Troopers Sylvia and Endre were called to a suspicious person complaint at a house in Smyrna. The male ran into the woods when confronted by the homeowner. Troopers checked the area and had negative contact.

June 7 – Sgt. Haines arrested a 34-year-old Presque Isle woman for OUI, drugs and also charged her with possession of marijuana and schedule drugs after stopping her for a headlight out. Det. Bill Scull of PIPD did a DRE evaluation and found the woman to be impaired by the cocktail of drugs she admitted to using.

June 7 – Tr. Stoutamyer responded to an unattended death of a 71-year-old male. Nothing suspicious was noted.

June 7 – Tr. Endre arrested a 60-year-old New Hampshire man for OUI drugs after a traffic stop in Houlton stemming from an erratic operation complaint by Sgt. Darrin Crane.

June 9 – Tr. Sucy is investigating a burglary/theft in Hodgdon where money and clothing items were taken, he has suspects and the investigation continues.

June 9 – Tr. Endre responded to the Hodgdon Elementary School for an out of control seven-year-old who had cut herself and was threatening to break windows with a rock. The child was transported to the hospital via ambulance.

June 8-14 – Sgt. Haines worked on various operations in Parkman as a member of the Tactical Team searching for murder suspect Robert Burton.

June 10 – Tr. Stoutamyer and Sgt Fuller attended the State Police awards ceremony at MCJA, Tr. Stoutamyer received an Commendation for incident in Allagashwhen the river flooded the roadway, trapping a vehicle with a male and female and their child in it.

Maine State Police

June 10 – Tr. Darcy stopped a vehicle in Oakfield for a traffic violation and arrested a female passenger who had a warrant for her arrest. A male passenger, who was on bail and subject to search and testing, was not able to provide a urine sample at that time so Tr Darcy went to the male’s residence later that night and was able to get a sample from the male, which showed presence of drugs. Tr. Darcy arrested the male for the violation of bail.

June 10 – Tr. Darcy is investigating a burglary of a residence where drugs and a pellet gun were stolen. Tr Darcy has a suspect and is still investigating the case.

June 10 – Tr. Hafford provided ERT services to ARSO Deputies at an incident in Frenchville.

June 11 – Tr. Michaud responded to an unattended death where a 79-year-old man had died after choking on his medication. Medical personnel were not able to revive the man, nothing suspicious noted.

June 12 – Tr. Marquis investigated a threatening complaint in St. Agatha where a family pulled into a camp driveway to turn around and a female came outside pointing a gun at them. Investigation showed the female suffered from mental illness and felt threatened, but did not act with criminal intent. Tpr. Marquis worked with the family to take actions to prevent similar future incidents.

June 12 – Tr. Darcy stopped a truck in Houlton for a traffic violation and subsequently arrested the male operator for OAR.

June 12 – Tr. Casavant investigated a death in Blaine of an 84-year-old female. Nothing suspicious was noted at the scene and the Doctor agreed to sign off on the certificate.

June 12 – Tr. Stoutamyer is investigating two thefts from vehicles in Mars Hill in conjunction with thefts reported to ARSO. One of the items stolen was a loaded hand gun.

June 13 – Tr. Sylvia responded to a family fight in Mapleton between father and son. No crime was committed and both parties were separated to cool down.

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June 13 – Tr. Endre arrested a 34-year-old male in Monticello for OUI after he stopped the male for a traffic violation.

June 13 – Tr. Sylvia investigated a PO violation in Mars Hill. The male had an active warrant for failing to appear on a previous violation of a PO and left prior to Tr. Sylvia’s arrival. Attempts to immediately locate the male were unsuccessful, but efforts are ongoing.

June 14 – Tr. Endre received a phone harassment complaint in Hodgdon. The offender was in NY and harassing his ex-girlfriend. NY LEO were asked to serve a cease harassment notice on the man.

Troop F of the Maine State Police is responsible for Aroostook County and the extreme northern sections of Somerset, Piscataquis and Penobscot counties.