Earlier this year, Tom Morello surprised many when he turned up onstage with EDM favorites Knife Party. During that appearance at the Ultra Music Festival, they debuted their collaborative effort "Battle Sirens." Now the studio version of the song has found its way online.

As you can hear, it's a mix of Morello's heavier rock riffing combined with the electronic blips and beeps of Knife Party, making for a hard aggressive instrumental piece. "Tom hit us up when we were in the studio saying he'd always loved the idea of merging his guitar riffs into the electronic world and we bounced some ideas back and forth until we had the final version," Knife Party's two members told Rolling Stone in a joint statement. "Performing this track live as a surprise during our Ultra set was insane."

For his part, Morello added, "'Battle Sirens' is the cross genre hard guitar/hard EDM mashup I've been waiting to hear for year. The devastating grooves, monster drops and insane tension that are a hallmark of both Knife Party and Rage Against the Machine are elevated to a crazy level with this jam."

Though Morello joined the duo at the Ultra Music Festival, it is not known if he'll turn up at future shows. The song will be released this Friday (Sept. 9). At present, Morello is quite busy on tour with Prophets of Rage. Their dates can be found here.

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