Is it just me, or does it seem like each holiday arrives earlier and earlier every year?  I’m not just talking about Christmas either. 

Christmas advertising usually starts early to coincide with ‘Black Friday,’ but the way 2013 is shaping up I won’t be surprised if Black Friday advertising starts at the beginning of October.  I was in a store at the end of August and they already had the Halloween costumes out. 

Jo Naylor/ShannonPatrick17/Flickr

You know it’s not anyone’s fault except advertisers, right?  ‘We the People’ are just going about our daily lives when we suddenly are barraged with voices telling us ‘not to miss out’ on these ‘unbelievable deals for Christmas,’ when in actuality those deals will be around two weeks AFTER Christmas because they need to get rid of the inventory that didn’t sell.

That being said, I have some big plans for my Halloween show this year.  I’ll tell you all about it on Facebook.  Wink, wink.