Carnivals are a big part of the Northern Maine Fair. The people who run those carnivals have been nicknamed "Carnies" and boy, have they some stories to tell.

Did you ever wonder what life as a carny is like? Some might romanticize how awesome it must be to travel, meet new people and basically, have fun all the time.

Well, there is 'a man' behind the curtain on that. Or shall we say that just because we see a pretty gingerbread house, doesn't mean there are no obstacles and dangers that await them on the inside?

I'm here to tell you that life as a carny is not as glorious as it might seem. Take it from them.

Although it produces a paycheck, some of the stuff 'carny's' have seen through the years will probably change your outlook on them. We'll let you decide.

Life As A 'Carny' Consists Of.....


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    They See A Lot Of Puke

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    Seeing Parents Break The Rules

    Some carnies have to wonder, "Do the parents really love their kids? Or do they want them to die?" Meaning, parents are constantly ignoring the height restrictions for some of the more dangerous rides.

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    Working Conditions Are Not The Best

    What happens when the ride breaks down? A carny has to climb to the top, without a fall-arrest system, or harness, and rescue the poor people stuck at the top of the Ferris Wheel.

    Carl Court, Getty Images
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    Troubled Pasts

    When you work as a carny, you're working with all kinds of different people, from all walks of life, and many have a very questionable past. Drug abuse, felons, and people that have been labeled "gypsies", unfairly, in many cases.

    Tristan Scholze, Thinkstock
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    Very Little Privacy

    Granted, your rent, gas, electricity and other common amenities are paid for, but it comes with a price. Taking baths out of a plastic bucket, smelling your neighbors' farts or maybe even watching them sweat alcohol while they sleep. Not the greatest conditions for a carny.

    Chris J Ratcliffe, Getty Images