Like I've said before, I was brought up in the 80s where for some reason a lot of Japanese television infiltrated American airwaves. Saturday morning cartoons were largely knockoffs of Japanese animation. Remember Voltron?

Warner Bros. Pictures

There was one show I used to watch when I was very young. For the longest time I couldn't remember the name of it and when I would try to explain it to people they would look at me more than sideways. Finally I remembered it was called 'Space Giants.' Here's a clip.


I didn't say it was good. When I was a kid it was awesome, which brings me to the new Godzilla trailer. Disaster movies are common these days, but this one has a long history behind it. The legend of Godzilla has been around for longer than I have and there are ten thousand movies that feature the gigantic reptile. I have to say though, this treatment looks outstandingly entertaining. Check it out.