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Maine has two casinos, the Maine State Lottery has been around since 1974. The first weekly draw game in Maine was called 'Play Me' in June 1974 and Joseph Comeau of Bangor was the first jackpot winner of 'Play Me' winning $150,000. 

In 2016 we have plenty of instant scratch tickets, several weekly jackpot games, so where does Maine rank in the 2016 list of the most gambling-addicted states? has complied their list of '2016's Most Gambling-Addicted States'.

Maine ranked in at #39 on the list, the lowest of all of the New England states.

The most gambling-addicted state is Nevada, no surprise there!

The Top Ten States

1. Nevada
2. South Dakota
3. Mississippi
4. Montana
5. Oklahoma
6. West Virginia
7. New Jersey
8. Oregon
9. Delaware
10. North Dakota.

Utah is the least gambling-addicted state. Here's the entire list.