How many times have we heard of someone driving down the highway and smashing into a big, ole, moose? If you live in Maine, this is an all-too-familiar scenario.

May and June are both known as 'Moose Collision Months', so we should take heed to the road signs on the highways. Aroostook County, Maine has the highest rate of crashes every year.

The Maine DOT has been kind enough to enlighten the rest of us on how to avoid crashing into a moose and not only destroying our property but also to attempt to help us not kill ourselves.

If you already observe speed limits and wildlife signs on the highway, then this really isn't for you. However, there are some people that drive like idiots on the highway and need some extra guidance on how to avoid being killed by a moose.

You know who you are and, yes, these tips are for you! Stay safe out there!

  1. Pay Attention! If you see a warning sign with a moose photo on it, that means that it is an area where moose are known to roam. They could cross your path at any time!  Distracted driving (cell phones, adjusting your radio, yelling at the kids in the backseat, etc), and high speeds can equal fatalities.
  2. Speed Limit Signs -  Reduce your speed at night and scan both sides of the road and well as the road you're on.
  3. Good Visibility - Make sure your windows are clear of dirt, debris, and muck. If it's raining, turn on your windshield wipers and slow your speed down. This will really help to increase your life on the road.
  4. Use Highbeams When Necessary - Use your high beams at night and turn them off when you see oncoming traffic. High beam head lights will help you see better and will help you to see the eyes of the moose as well.
  5. A Moose In The Roadway - What do you do now? Should you encounter a moose in the roadway, as you are driving the speed limit with your lights on, you can try to avoid a hit in these ways.
  • Slow Down
  • Don't Try To Drive Around The Moose
  • Stay In Your Vehicle - Don't be a hero by getting out of your vehicle in an effort to 'shew' off the moose. The moose may attack you and your vehicle, especially if there her young are nearby.
  • Give The Moose Room - Eventually, the moose will wander off the road. Give her plenty of space to do so.

6. An Unavoidable Crash - What happens if you all of a sudden see a moose and
there isn't enough time to stop?
According to Maine DOT, here is what you should do?

  • Apply the brakes and steer straight
  • Let up on the brakes just before impact to give the front of your vehicle enough time to rise slightly
  • Aim to hit the tail end of the moose as this can reduce the risk of the animal striking the windshield area and could increase your chances of missing the moose altogether.
  • Duck! Make sure you duck down and protect yourself from potential moose and windshield glass.

Be safe and avoid moose at all costs, unless you're eating one on your plate, with BBQ sauce, lobster rolls, fiddleheads, and potatoes. Have a safe Spring!