Okay I’ll admit it; I talk to my mother at LEAST every other day.  No, I don’t call her.  She calls me.  Unless I need her to watch the kids, then I call her.  Am I a crappy son?  Probably, but I’m also realistic.  Those apron strings were cut long ago and it’s my Mom who won’t let go, and that’s okay with me.


My Mother is a loud, fun, thoughtful, crazy, at-times-annoying old broad who plays bingo and buys every ‘As-Seen-On-TV’ product you can think of.  You know the garden hose that’s flat until you fill it with water and it expands?  She bought that. Will a gift like that suffice for Mother’s Day?  Should I get her another season of ‘Big Valley’ on DVD?


She was there when my world was turned upside down and she tries to be there for all my kids’ good times. My Mother depends on being able to get a hold of her three kids when she needs to.  She just wants to make sure we are taken care of.  Who wouldn’t want that in their life? I think best gift I can give my Mom is the same one I want from my kids when they’re grown, time.  I think a visit may be in order.


I posted this early to serve as a reminder for you to do something for your Mother next Sunday.  Don’t wait!  By the way if you have any ideas, could you leave a comment on Facebook?  Thanks!