Interactive Website Shows You Your History on this Planet!
As we go through life we tend to forget a lot of the major events that we've been around for and sometimes even witnessed.  A friend sent me a link where all you have to do is type in your birthday and it calculates all the historical aspects of that have happened since you started walking…
Rock Stars Have Kids Too [VIDEO]
Today is the birthday of one of my favorite people in rock and roll. The man who, with his old band, changed the face of the genre. The man who is not only a pioneer, but also a champion of a bygone era and one of rock's biggest cheerleaders.
Advice for a Deejay Turning 40
Yes, the day is upon us.  Someone (who is typing this) will be celebrating a birthday this week.  He's not scared, depressed or anxious about it.  He's actually a little excited.  Why?

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