Yes, it is April and there is snow in the forecast but living in northern Maine and western New Brunswick, we expect that.  There will be sunshine and warmer temperatures soon.  Yes, there will.  That being said, what are your plans for the summer?  Do they involve getting naked and bailing yourself in hay?  Didn’t think so, but ask this guy in the video what he was drinking, I mean thinking! [Warning: video shows a bare butt]

I know that I’ve been telling my kids that we’re going camping for a while, but this summer I plan to make it happen.  It will be actual camping, in a tent not a camper.  This will be interesting since a couple of my kids jump when you say boo and one is deathly afraid of spiders.  It will make for a memorable getaway with the people I most want to be around. 

What one thing are you going to make sure you do this summer?  Tell us on Facebook.