A Maine State Police trooper rescued an injured barred owl Thursday morning after it had apparently been struck by a vehicle on I-95.

Maine State Police

Trooper Bernard Brunette was northbound on Interstate 95 in Palmyra around 7:45 a.m. when he noticed an owl in the snow bank on the median side. According to a social media post, the bird appeared to have been struck by a vehicle and was suffering from exposure.

After a brief struggle, Trooper Brunette was able to get his jacket over the owl, and secured the bird in his cruiser.

The owl was taken to the Moosehead Trail Trading Post on Route 100 in Palmyra so it could be secured it in a box and warmed up.

The non-profit Avian Haven, based in Freedom, Maine took custody of the owl Thursday morning. It is believed the owl suffered from a concussion. State Police said that although the outcome is uncertain, they’re hoping the bird makes a full recovery.

Maine State Police