The Spring thaw may have taken longer than normal, but it is certainly in full swing now. River Watch 2014 issued the following ice movement and flood watch on Tuesday.

Warm temperatures and rainfall are conducive to melting the snow pack and the deterioration of ice covers in all regions. River flows are forecast to increase throughout the basin and there is a high probability of ice movement along the St. John River and other river systems across the province over the next few days.

With ice movement there is the potential for ice jams to occur as well as associated flooding.

Carleton County Firefighter Facebook Page

The Woodstock Fire Department was called to Red Bridge, just outside Woodstock, at around 8 p.m. Monday night to help move some cows to safety after the Meduxnekeag River flooded its banks.

Woodstock Fire Chief Ricky Nicholson told us that neighbors responded quickly to rope in the cows and bring them to safety.

Nicholson also said that water rose over two feet in a half an hour along Route 550. Roads are still closed in that area today, as the water is still rising.


People living in all regions should be prepared and remain a safe distance away from waterways.

We'll be keeping tabs on the flooding and keep you informed as well.