Snoop Dogg is all over television in 2016. The Long Beach native has popped up on a few different shows this year and he's about to add another one to the list. Snoop was announced as an executive producer and guest star for the upcoming MTV show Mary + Jane. The weed-themed series is a comedy about two best friends (played by Jessica Rothe and Scout Durwood) running an all-female marijuana delivery service in Los Angeles.

In addition to Snoop Dogg's duties as a producer and guest star, he also created the theme song for the new MTV program. The Doggfather is no stranger to television themes as he most recently crafted one for Comedy Central's Another Period. Fans will get to hear what he made for Mary + Jane when the show premieres on Sept. 5.

While the weed-centric nature of the show and Los Angeles location would make you think that Snoop Dogg is appearing as himself in the show, that is not the case. Instead, Snoop will be playing a "a very, very special person" in the MTV comedy.

"You don't know when he's going to appear," executive producer Deborah Kaplan said. "You have to watch all the way to an end to see him."

Snoop Dogg's guest spot in Mary + Jane comes on the heels of his prominent role in the latest season of the cult classic Trailer Park Boys. Snoop's also been the star of two reality shows in 2016: AOL's Coach Snoop and BET's Music Moguls.

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