Maine Maple Sunday is held annually on the last Sunday of March.. Participating sugarhouses will be open for visitors to enjoy freshly made maple syrup and candy, demonstrations of syrup production, sugarbush tours and a variety of other family activities.

The Maple Moose/Facebook

Maine’s maple industry contributes nearly 49-million dollars to the Maine economy.

  • 545,000 gallons were produced last year, worth $17.4 million
  • Maine’s industry has an annual statewide economic contribution, including multiplier effects, of an estimated $48.7 million in output, 805 full-and part-time jobs, and $25.1 million in labor income
  • Maine has the third largest syrup industry in this country. Maine has the largest maple producing county in the country – Somerset County
  • Maine has around 1.4 million taps

In northern Maine, Maple Sunday participants will include Northwoods Nectar L.L.C. of 1426 Sly Brook Road in Eagle Lake, Rural Pride of 181 Sealander Road in Woodland, Emma’s Maine of 5 Parkhurst Siding Road in Presque Isle, The Maple Moose of 28 Bowers Rd in Easton, Bradbury Maple Farms of 202 Bootfoot Road in Bridgewater, and Spring Break Maple and Honey of 3315 U.S. Route 2 in Smyrna Mills.

Most sugarhouses offer free maple syrup samples and demonstrations on how pure Maine maple syrup is made. Many farms offer games, activities, treats, sugarbush tours, music, and more.

Some sugarhouses will hold events on both Saturday and Sunday. For a list and map of participating sugarhouses, visit the Maine Maple Producers website.