There have been multiple reports of road closures across Aroostook County as of Tuesday evening. The majority of the issues are coming from melting snow pack running off into the roads and causing things as small as water in the road to complete washouts of pavement and culverts.

Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Aroostook County Emergency Management Agency is also sending and receiving information with Canadian Emergency Measures so that both countries can be better informed on river flows.

So far there have been multiple reports of ice jams along the St. John River and the Aroostook River that are currently not causing any problems, but officials are keeping an eye on them.

Officials are urging the public to drive with caution on all roadways and to stay away from the ice and rivers as conditions can change rapidly.

Current road closures we have information on are:

Fort Fairfield: Dorsey Road, Strickland Road, Grimes Road, Currier Road, and Forrest Avenue; in addition, Route 1A across the Aroostook River has been closed.

Caribou: Limestone Road, Madawaska Road

Limestone: Ward Road, Grand Falls Road

Washburn: Main Street, Garage Street, Route 164 East of Crouseville

Castle Hill: Castle Hill Road between Washburn and Route 227

Mapleton: Pulcifur Road near Tea Kettle Brook, State Road, Hughes Road, Creasey Ridge Road

Presque Isle: Fort Road, Parkhurst Siding Road, Chandler Road (A culvert has collapsed)

Easton: Getchell Road

Bridgewater: Route 1

Other locations outside the Aroostook River Basin where flooding has been reported include: Catalina Road in Hodgdon, Route 1A near Hamlin, Bancroft Road near Wytopitlock.

For updated information and photos you can go to the Aroostook County Emergency Management Facebook Page.