I've been reading a lot of posts on Facebook lately about someone being in the drive-thru lane waiting to get coffee, only to discover that the person in the car in front of them paid for it.  In a world that keeps getting crazier by the second, this was inspiring to me.  So here's a challenge!


Think of one thing that you could easily do that would be of benefit to someone else, and do it.  Even if it's just one time.  We do it all the time and don't think about it.  When you're leaving the post office and someone is coming - do you hold the door open for them?  When you're at the grocery store with a cart full of groceries and someone approaches with 2 or 3 items - do you let them go in front of you?  Most of us would say yes and that's awesome.  Think bigger.

In any given elementary school in the County there are probably a couple hundred kids.  What if you showed up with candy canes (still in the package) to give to them, just because?  Bake some cookies for your local fire department.  Little things make all the difference.  For more ideas you can visit this website.  And of course, pass it on.