We are back at it again, today! The High Five Turkey Drive is well underway in Houlton, hosted at Priority Auto Sales as they collect turkey's for the less fortunate.

According to Ben Adams, owner and operator of Priority Auto Sales in Houlton,

"There are a lot of people in our own town and our own communities that need help. Some people you don't realize  need help because they don't want to ask for help."

However, help is on the way! People and businesses from all over Houlton are hearing the call to help those in their neck of the woods and donating turkey's and holiday cash as they help the United Way of Aroostook to get those turkey's out to those in need.

Turkey's can be bought at Andy's IGA in Houlton and either brought to Priority Auto Sales, or they can leave them at the grocery store for pick up.

Thanks again, to Ben Adams and their team at Priority Auto Sales in Houlton, along with Townsquare Media and the United Way of Aroostook for giving us a place to give to needy families in our community!