It's hard to believe, but just about one year ago, I took the steps to become one of the many Master Masons that proudly don the Fez of the Anah Shrine in Bangor! Last years Ceremonial was held in Newport. The June Ceremonial will be held in Presque Isle at the Forum, this Thursday, Friday and Saturday!

The June Ceremonial is in celebration of the life of Tom Clukey, as this would have been his year as Potentate, but Tom was taken from us far too young after battling cancer, which took him from us last year. Rest easy friend and Brother

This will be a special year, and will be a weekend you don't want to miss as Illustrious Sir Dick Hallett, Lady Carolyn and the Aroostook County Shriners have an amazing weekend planned for all! If you're a Master Mason, and would like to become a Shriner, it's never too late to register for this weekends Ceremonial, stop the the Anah Shrine, 586 Main Street in Bangor, or even on Saturday morning, come to the Forum in Presque Isle by 7 a.m.

Now the public should know there will be a very large Shriners parade beginning at 2 p.m. at the University of Maine in Presque Isle on Saturday, traveling north on Main Street, and ending at the Forum...ALL are welcome to the parade, and it looks like Saturday will be a great day for a parade! Hope to see plenty of support for the Nobles, their Ladies and the new candidates of the Anah Shrine this weekend in Presque Isle!

And in case you often wondered what goes on at a Ceremonial weekend, this isn't it...or is it??? Only way to find out is to join us, and enjoy a funny song and video from Ray Stevens