The outdoor pool is the city of Presque Isle closed two summers ago and people in the community have come together to get a plan in motion to do something about it.
Wednesday evening the city Council unanimously approved the Pool & Splash Pad design and to move forward in getting it out to bid this fall.

Over the last few months the Community Center Building Committee has been working closely with the architects from Harriman in developing this very important project. A great deal has been accomplished regarding design of the site, building and the pool.

Click on this link to see the plan: Pool & Splash Pad information begins on page 58.

In addition to the Pool & Splash Pad design, you will notice two versions of the overall site layout. The first is the very minimum of what this project needs: building, parking, pool, splash pad, pool house.

The second is the preferred option which also includes, reroute of Chapman Street, additional ball-field and moving of a maintenance building.

Once this part of the project is ready and officially approved by the Council, these items will be put out as bid alternates. The overall site layout was not up for “approval” last evening, but the Building Committee is confident the end product will be very similar.