Not since the 60s has America witnessed another president who has been ready to curb gun violence through a series of executive orders - but that’s just what President Obama is prepared to do if it means making a difference.

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At a press conference today, the President unveiled his gun control plan. He asked congress to reinstate a ban on some-assault rifles, mandatory background checks, and banning high capacity magazines (more than 10 rounds). The president also wants more federal aid for schools to hire additional ‘resource officers’ and psychologists.

The plan was put together after a task force led by Vice President Joe Biden and his team made recommendations to the President on Monday.

Biden and his team received input by more 220 different organizations and even met on several occasions with high ranking members of the National Rifle Association.

President Obama will sign 23 executive orders - among the orders the president is requesting federal agencies to though up the criminal background check system effective immediately.

However, the NRA opposes the new gun control plan. The organization released an attack ad calling the president an ‘elitist hypocrite.’

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