The power nap. Are you a fan? Do you ever take one? There are big benefits of catching some zzz's, but what's normal? With our schedules - can we ever really get a power nap? It's worth a try.

A power nap is between 10-15 minutes. Finding the right time and place helps a lot - giving you that much needed boost of energy and alertness. These benefits can lead to better productivity and happiness.

Commuters who cross the border in Northern Maine and Western New Brunswick have to adjust to the time change. Sometimes, a power nap sounds good. For any of us who get up early, an afternoon snooze would be nice.

In the video below, we have fun with napping and watch these dogs try really hard to get some shut eye.

Taking a siesta sounds awesome - three hours of rest and relaxation on a nice summer day - but with our busy lives, it's very hard to get even 8 hours a night of rest. We can only dream of a siesta.