Want to work for Paul McCartney? Make sure you leave your cold cuts, ganja and smartphone at home.

At least, that's the word from the U.K.'s Sun tabloid (via Vintage Vinyl News). As with all reports from such sources, it's probably wise to take everything here with a grain of salt (mmm ... meat and salt), but according to unnamed sources on the set of the recent video shoot for 'Queenie Eye,' which apparently has been tabbed as the next single from McCartney's upcoming 'New' album, the former Beatle "laughingly" forbid the presence of meat, drugs or social media. But while he may have been joking, the supervisors on-set decided not to take any chances.

"It was meant as a joke but still, you would be out on your ear if you ignored the memo," said the Sun's source. "Anyone found on Twitter, Facebook or nibbling a ham sandwich would be rejected immediately. Drug consumption might be harder to prove, but still ... "

The report adds that the video is being filmed at Abbey Road Studios with a bevy of famous guest stars, including Johnny Depp and Sean Penn. No word on when the single or video are set to be released, but we'll all get to hear 'New' in its entirety when the album comes out on Oct. 15.