With extras-stuffed reissues of Wings' classic mid-'70s albums 'Venus and Mars' and 'At the Speed of Sound' now out, Paul McCartney isn't finished cleaning out his vaults just yet. The latest previously unreleased nugget from his past to see the light of day is a 75-second track called 'Love My Baby.'

There's not much to the song, which McCartney posted on his website; it sounds a little like an old Robert Johnson blues number sung over what appears to be a toy piano. You can listen to the song below.

'Love My Baby' was recorded for the 1974 TV special 'One Hand Clapping,' parts of which have surfaced on previous McCartney reissues. "It’s nice to see that one resurfacing," McCartney said of the program. "We decided that [we] would shoot a very simple piece, on video. We would just go into Abbey Road and play basically what we had rehearsed. So we went in there and it was very simply filmed, absolute basic stuff, and I think its charm now is that there’s no pretence. It is what it is."

Among the extras on the two new reissues, which are out this week, is a freshly unearthed take of ‘Wings at the Speed of Sound’'s 'Beware My Love' featuring Led Zeppelin's John Bonham on drums. Demos, singles and alternate versions of album songs round out the latest releases.

Next up for McCartney is a tribute album, 'The Art of McCartney,' featuring solo and Beatles songs covered by Alice CooperBrian Wilson and Roger Daltrey, among others. It's out on Nov. 18.

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