The New England Patriots will play their first home game of the 2014 NFL season this Sunday when they host the 0-2 Oakland Raiders. But make no mistake, the Raiders always play the Pats as tough as they have during many of their epic battles.

Remember the Tuck rule game? Oakland Raiders Cornerback Charles Woodson, one of Tom Brady's former teammates at the University of Michigan, recovered what some believe was a fumble during the 2002 AFC playoffs that could have derailed the Patriots run to their first Super Bowl title in the snow at the old Foxborough Stadium. Fortunately, the officials said it was an incomplete pass because Brady's arm was moving forward and the rest is history.

Here is the tuck rule game as it was called by the Raiders' broadcast team:

But if one goes back even further, they will learn the Raiders had previously won a 1976 AFC wildcard playoff game when they were on the receiving end of a bogus roughing the passer call. They will also learn that the Raiders, yes those same Raiders, ended Patriots wide receiver Darryl Stingley's career when he was hit across the middle of the field and was left paralyzed. During the Tom Brady/Bill Belichick era, the Patriots have never lost to the Raiders. Let's hope that streak continues this Sunday.